Guitarist TAKUMI, from YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz announced through his blog that the band will break up on July 4th -- the day of their Budokan live and coincidentally, Gackt's birthday.

During the last Nico Radio broadcast, Takumi and Chacha discussed the breakup as a positive thing.  The members want to pursue their own, separate goals, which they won't be able to accomplish as YFC.  "Camui Gakuen, Sparkly Male Cram School, Happy Birthday Live, Don't Cry, Let's Say Sayonara With Smiles" will be their last live.

New projects are brewing and each hope that fans look forward to more fun and interesting things from them. [Source: JPOP Asia]

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Ayu said...

Well, that was short lived. I kinda thought something like that was going to happen, especially since everything Jon was posting on FB was Fade related and not YFC related. Oh well; it was interesting and we'll always have a certain song to remember this project by... *starts swaying*