Kotobukiya Makinami Mari Illustrious -PLUG SUIT Style- Figure

Because even the vision impaired can kick ass!

Kotobukiya couldn't screw up if they tried as they once again create a fantastic Evangelion figure. Standing at about 10" tall with twin tails flowing, helmet in hand and tubing in glove (haha), Mari is ready to be paired with last year's previously released Rei and Asuka Kotobukiya PLUG SUIT figures. Making it even more unique, an added aspect to this version is that our Eva Unit 05 pilot's red glasses can be removed to show off those secretive blue eyes. If you are like me and prefer Mari in her green plug suit than her pink, which most figures of her are, this is a must have for your Eva collection.

Get your November preorder's in now over at BigBadToyStore for $114.99.

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