Guild Wars 2 Release Date Announced

Fans of the MMO have been aching and anxious for the long awaited sequel to Arena Net's Guild Wars.  Hanging off of every word uttered at a convention or event, and hailing Tyria when pre-orders were finally announced and opened!  We've been in beta test mode for the past few months now, and today marks the day when the release date for Guild Wars 2 is finally announced.  August 28th....the 28th day of the 8th month of this year is that day (not to mention that 3-day headstart for folks who pre-purchase the game).

As Mike O'Brien, head of ArenaNet and executive producer of Guild Wars 2, states: "...in a matter of months, after years of development, they will have that opportunity to do what they have been waiting for.”

Work at the studio doesn't stop, however.  “We always want to pioneer, we’re not going to stop,” said O’Brien. “We’re building the genesis of a world that has a foundation resting on the importance of community and innovation. We’re going to continue to try to break through boundaries and exceed expectations.” [Sources: Forbes]

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JacobP said...

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