Uragiri Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru Limited Edition Volume 10

Call it "Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru." Call it "The Betrayal Knows My Name". Whatever title you know it by, Hotaru Odagiri's supernatural tale of the "touched by God" Zweilts and the demon class Duras has garnered a legion of fans since its debut in 2005, and publishing house Kadokawa Shoten has a special treat for the volume 10 release in Japan. If you have already placed your order, be prepared for a large box from your delivery person, because this manga will not fit in a packaging envelope...

I was perfectly aware prior to its release earlier this month that the limited edition version of volume 10 would include a tote bag, but how pleasantly surprised was I that this bag is no mere trinket like what you might expect folded up as a giveaway in Asuka magazine. The material is not at all flimsy but instead a heavier, black polyester with a sateen-like finish. Both Yuki's silver cross emblem and the series name adorn the center of the bag within a violet rose border. The aubergine lining wihtin is very interesting, featuring a pattern of fleur de lises, crosses and Luka's adorable demon pet, Sodom. I am quite taken with the drawstring type closure of the lining that keeps all your precious cargo from spilling out when you set down the bag.

The main highlight of this set has to be the artwork, which is nothing less than Odagiri's usual gorgeous standards. The beauty that is a bloody and bandaged Luka Crosszeria are featured for the book's cover and box, both of which are definitely "display-worthy" (I've already decided the circular cutout on the front of the box can double as a "frame" for a Yuki postcard ^_~).

But the goodies don't end there! If the manga and bag weren't enough, you will also receive a 20-minute drama CD and script (yes, another piece of new Yuki art!). I dare say that those of you waiting for the volume 4 American omnibus release in August 2012 should console yourselves with a little Uraboku shopping therapy by heading over to CD Japan and picking up the limited edition while supplies last; however, if you are a little short on cash, you can invest in the regular edition manga that comes sans presents.

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