Love Stage Returns This June

Aching for some Eiki Eiki goodness? My lame pun on the mangaka's name aside, one of my current favorite BL's is back this June in Japan: "LOVE STAGE!!"

Though not yet released in the US (seriously publishers, someone snatch this up!), you can pick up volume two of the Japanese manga this month. We pick up where we left off in volume one with introverted otaku Izumi Sena continuing to deal with the pressure of living with an all entertainer family. And matters have become more complicated as hot actor Ryouma Ichijou went from being crushed and angered over discovering his childhood dream girl turning out to actually be a nerdy man to realizing he is still madly in love with him after seeing Izumi's naked body! O_O All Izumi wants to do is win first prize in a manga competition and prove he can be an independent from his family (so dreams the college student that lives at home and draws like a five-year-old). Papparazi, crushed dreams and growing pains all bring trouble, but perhaps love can show the way to success. Quick! Someone call for Izumi's manga heroine LaLaLuLu!

There's another act to our comedy in the newest issue of Asuka Ciel magazine on sale, which comes with a "Junjo Romantica" and "Sekaiichi Hatuskoi" stamp set for all of you Shungiku Nakamura fans! Both volume two and Asuka Ciel are available at CD Japan.

With all the loving going around, this Third Impact contributer is very much hoping for more chapters of "LOVE STAGES!!" side story "BACK STAGE!!" very soon. The short, comedic and very sexy scenarios between family manager Rei and its J-rock star Shougo Sena are truly some of the star moments from the series. Besides, you can never have too much BL.

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