Cowboy Bebop Play Arts Kai Figures

Check out these beauties!  Yes, that's right. You are looking at not one but two Cowboy Bebop Play Arts Kai from Square Enix's figure line, featuring none other than quirky Spike Spiegel and the hotness that is Vicious.

Listed at 6,800 yen each to be released this October, Spike and Vicious make a surprisingly beautiful appearance via Play Arts Kai.  Spike will come with a pair of alternate hands and his pistol, while Vicious will have his sword and that gorgeous black bird of his.

I am particularly in love with Vicious, and after seeing pics of these figures, I would LOVE to see a Vincent Volaju figure please...and throw in some butterflies while you're at it...

Check out the links above for more pics and preorder yours at Hobby Search.


Ayu said...

I need a job NAUUUU! Vicious will be mine! When can I pre-order?! 0_0 Beautiful, beautiful and I love his pose and the fact he has his katana and pet bird. *squee*

Sabira said...

You can preorder them at Hobby Search (http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10190485).