Preview to Baltimore Comic-Con 2012: Issue 3

You know the drill...this weekend is Baltimore Comic-Con and Third Impact has been giving highlights of what to expect as our anticipation grows and grows.  The crew will be headed to Baltimore tomorrow, so this will be our final issue for now until we return with full coverage, new boxes to open, and rummaging through the spoils of the con.  But before I get ahead of myself, let's do this!

It seems like we're not the only ones growing with anticipation.  For the first time, Baltimore Comic-Con will be expanding their Saturday hours, allowing you more time to squeeze panels, comics and comics-related products shopping, the Costume Contest, the auction, and collecting autographs and commissioning sketches from your favorite comics pros and newfound rising talent. The new Saturday hours will be from 10am to 7pm on Saturday (and the same 10am to 5pm on Sunday that we've had in years past).

I attended the first Costume Contest held a few years ago, and I'm happy to see its return year after year.  Registration for the 2012 Costume Contest will be taking place in booth #2606, and will cost $5 for adults 18 and older (children 17 and younger are free!). There are 10 categories with prizes for each, and $1,000 up for grabs to the person with the best overall costume! The Costume Contest, presented by StylinOnline.com, will be held on Sunday, September 9th in Room 307-310 upstairs from the convention center floor. You won't want to miss this!  The prizes have gotten PRETTY nice over the years!

Ever wondered where the genius behind many of the favorite comic books in the 1980s came from? Captain America and many other of your favorite comic books were actually enhanced by 'The British Invasion' of the comic book world.

The British Embassy in Washington will be celebrating this theme at Baltimore Comic-Con, this weekend, showcasing what is great about the comic book, science-fiction, and creative industries in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The team from the British Embassy will be exhibiting in the lobby of the Baltimore Comic-Con, and its booth will feature images of characters portrayed during the long history of creativity in the UK - from the early days of Doctor Who to the present, to Game of Thrones and British contributions to American creative arts. Come experience why Creativity is GREAT in the UK and to take a fresh look at the longstanding British Invasion of American comics.


Preview to Baltimore Comic-Con 2012: Issue 2

The countdown continues with just 3 more days till Baltimore Comic-Con.  And what better time that the good folks reveal their 2012 Show Map, now available in the 2012 Program Guide. Be sure to check it out!! 

The first ever Baltimore Comic-Con Yearbook makes its debut this year.  This book of art features some of our guests interpreting the Liberty Meadows characters, sometimes in conjunction with their own creations, in a celebration of creator-owned properties.  As an added bonus, you can win the art created for the Yearbook at the auction. And the fun doesn't stop there -- a scavenger hunt will also be held.  Buy the book and get 15 of the 36 contributors to sign it, win an awesome print by either Joseph Michael Linsner or Barry Kitson. Determined to get both prints? Then grab 20 signatures and they are yours.

If you thought all the guest announcements have been made, well then I'm happy to say "you're wrong!"  Artists Jimmy Cheung and Paul Pope join the roster! Jimmy Cheung began his career in the mid-1990s at Marvel Comics working on such titles as X-Force, Force Works, and Spider-Man Unlimited. In 2000, he left Marvel to join the team at CrossGen Comics, helming the art duties on one of their flagship titles, Scion. In 2005, Cheung returned to Marvel and became one of their "Young Guns," a group of artists that, according to Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, had the qualities that make "a future superstar penciller." Most recently, Cheung finished illustrating Avengers: The Children's Crusade, a mini-series which ran from 2010 through 2012.

Paul Pope is an American comic artist whose work has ranged from manga to American-style comics. Throughout his career, Pope has worked for such companies as Dark Horse, DC, and Marvel Comics, Dargaud in France, and Kodansha in Japan. His book Batman:Year 100 won Eisners for Best Limited Series and Best Writer/Artist in 2007. Since 2011, he has been a sitting board member of the American Council of the Arts. He is currently finishing work on his latest graphic novel, Battling Boy, to be released soon through First Second.

In addition to the great line-up of guests for this year's Baltimore Comic-Con, more than 100 retailers will also grace the floor bringing with them all the goodies our wallets can and, in more cases than not, can't afford.  The retailers cover a wide variety for every type of collector, specializing in Gold, Silver, and Bronze Age comics. Vintage comics, apparel, toys, trade paperbacks, and hardcover collections are just a few of the types of items that are available from a great selection of retailers and exhibitors.


Preview to Baltimore Comic-Con 2012: Issue 1

It's finally here...the week of Baltimore Comic-Con 2012 is here!  The crew here at Third Impact couldn't be more ecstatic and excited for the goodness to come this weekend.  So to celebrate, we'll be giving highlights of what to expect at this year's Comic-Con.  Let the countdown commence...

Stan, the Man, Lee returns to Baltimore and has even extended his stay to include Sunday until 4pm.  VIP packages are still available.

On Saturday night, September 8th, the comic book industry, including professionals, retailers, and fans, will gather at the Hyatt Regency Baltimore to honor the 2012 Harvey Award Nominees for 2011 comic work and present the Harveys to their recipients.  This is an exciting evening, highlighted by our host Phil LaMarr, keynote speaker Ross Richie, and a special appearance by Stan Lee! Harvey Awards tickets are on sale NOW at baltimorecomiccon.com/harvey-awards.
I'll be rooting for my fav Top Cow peeps for sure!

BCC always brings a slew of great panels, and I'm particularly impressed with the offering of the Marvel Boot Camp Seminar.  Marvel SVP-Executive Editor Tom Brevoort will, for the first time ever, give a training lecture to the public, which he normally gives to the Marvel editorial staff explaining how Marvel editors think about the business of storytelling. There will also be inside secrets, tricks-of-the-trade, and - time permitting - a Q & A with Brevoort.  You'll need tickets to this special event ($10) as seating is limited.

Attention fellow Lady Death fans! Not only is Lady Death creator Brian Pulido making an appearance at the con, but he, along with his fellow attendees Greg Capullo and Joseph Michael Linsner will be bringing 2 special issues.  Lady Death: Judgement War #1 - Heavy Duty Edition features cover art by Greg Capullo and is enhanced with seven 1/4" heavy metal spikes and is limited to just 99 serially numbered copies. Lady Death: Judgment War #1 - Blood Red Skies Edition, art by Capullo and limited to 199 serially numbered copies, features a cardstock cover. Also premiering is Lady Death: Tribulation #1 - Blood Beach Edition, featuring a Joseph Michael Linsner cover and limited 199 serially numbered copies.  After hearing this news, it didn't take long to put the Heavy Duty edition on my list!

I love my comics in all forms, and I am digging 215 Ink's exclusive for the con.  215 Ink will be unveiling a deal previously unheard of in the comic community, small press or otherwise: a fully functional Android 4.0 tablet loaded with the full line-up of 215 titles for just $99. Consider this on my list too...

These were just some of the highlights and the reason why I always cannot wait till Baltimore Comic-Con.  It's the dedication to bringing the best, classic and modern, and above all, the obvious unrivaled focus of why we're here...and that's comic books.

So for now, check out the posted schedule and be sure to register for the con if you've been lazy and haven't done so already.  And while you're at it, check out the wicked guest list, check those collections, and make your plans.


Takumi-kun Series Memorial 2009-2012 DVD Collection

Fans of the "Takumi-kun Series" [like me] may have noticed recently that the official website has been updated, and if you have and you do not live in Japan [like me], you may have went from extremely excited to completely heartbroken [LIKE ME!!].

It’s only expected that at some point all entries in a series will be combined into one collection and on September 19th distributors Pony Cannon will be releasing the Takumi-kun Series Memorial 2009-2012 DVD box set! Director Takeshi Yokoi's collection includes the dramatic and romantic films "Niji Iro no Glass", "Bibo no Detail" and "Ano, Hareta Aozora" that starred Kyosuke Hamao and Daisuke Watanabe, the quintessential pairing of Takumi and Gii. Ryouma Baba and Taiki Naito’s beautiful "Pure" is also here. Not included is the first movie "Soshite Harukaze ni Sayayaite" that starred Tomo Yanagishita and Keisuke Kato, so sorry to those who may have liked the original with its cop out kisses that weren't kisses and insanely bright, washed out love scene.

Fabulous as the romance of these four movies are, the added gems make this collection extra special, including a CD soundtrack (a long desired item amongst fans), bonus DVD, photo book and postcards, all wrapped up in a Shido High School blazer box.

Now the bad news: It’s technically ONLY available as a reservation item for those in the Pony Cannon Club! At this time it doesn’t appear that the collection will be released for general sales from the typical online shopping websites you frequent. And to add salt to my wound: those in Japan who are able to get their hands on this limited edition item will also have the capability of entering a postcard submission contest to attend a meet-and-greet with Kyosuke Hamao and Daisuke Watanabe in Tokyo on December 1st. @$&#@!!!

CD Japan has it listed as a special request item for $245.05. If you are a huge fan like me (long time Daisuke Watanabe crush over here!), cross your finger and hope for the best.