Preview to Baltimore Comic-Con 2012: Issue 3

You know the drill...this weekend is Baltimore Comic-Con and Third Impact has been giving highlights of what to expect as our anticipation grows and grows.  The crew will be headed to Baltimore tomorrow, so this will be our final issue for now until we return with full coverage, new boxes to open, and rummaging through the spoils of the con.  But before I get ahead of myself, let's do this!

It seems like we're not the only ones growing with anticipation.  For the first time, Baltimore Comic-Con will be expanding their Saturday hours, allowing you more time to squeeze panels, comics and comics-related products shopping, the Costume Contest, the auction, and collecting autographs and commissioning sketches from your favorite comics pros and newfound rising talent. The new Saturday hours will be from 10am to 7pm on Saturday (and the same 10am to 5pm on Sunday that we've had in years past).

I attended the first Costume Contest held a few years ago, and I'm happy to see its return year after year.  Registration for the 2012 Costume Contest will be taking place in booth #2606, and will cost $5 for adults 18 and older (children 17 and younger are free!). There are 10 categories with prizes for each, and $1,000 up for grabs to the person with the best overall costume! The Costume Contest, presented by StylinOnline.com, will be held on Sunday, September 9th in Room 307-310 upstairs from the convention center floor. You won't want to miss this!  The prizes have gotten PRETTY nice over the years!

Ever wondered where the genius behind many of the favorite comic books in the 1980s came from? Captain America and many other of your favorite comic books were actually enhanced by 'The British Invasion' of the comic book world.

The British Embassy in Washington will be celebrating this theme at Baltimore Comic-Con, this weekend, showcasing what is great about the comic book, science-fiction, and creative industries in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The team from the British Embassy will be exhibiting in the lobby of the Baltimore Comic-Con, and its booth will feature images of characters portrayed during the long history of creativity in the UK - from the early days of Doctor Who to the present, to Game of Thrones and British contributions to American creative arts. Come experience why Creativity is GREAT in the UK and to take a fresh look at the longstanding British Invasion of American comics.

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