Heat Wave

"It's the end of the world," someone said recently. With temperatures reaching 110 degrees with the heat index this week, you can bet that air conditioning is gonna be my friend. I should be used to this type of weather, but when we have tropical island weather in a mild temperate zone, it just doesn't feel right. I feel just like the Itoh sisters, Chika and Nobue, from Ichigo Mashimaro. No doubt I'm looking forward to fall and winter.

I'm going to NASA this afternoon for some presentations, so hopefully I won't be stuck in the heat.


35 hours in 3 days

I have worked approximately 35 hours in the past 3 days and am TOTALLY exhausted. Yet here I am trying to make it through the week. My colleague and I co-planned every aspect of a 3-day event we held for a bunch of our interns at NASA. At least our efforts weren't in vain. Everything turned out great and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. It was sad to say goodbye to the Langley Research interns. We had dinner on Monday, a full day on Tuesday, and breakfast on Wednesday. I feel like a zombie, but I can't let that get the best of me. A little over 3 more weeks until the MCATs, so there's no time for rest.



Thank you, Gonzo! If you're looking to get away from the mainstream anime out there just once, away from those romance, comedies, action, robot, and samurai-themed anime, then "Speed Grapher" is for you. For "Evangelion" fans, this is a must-see. "Speed Grapher" has it all -- great plot, great characters, great development, awesome music, and flawless graphics. If one word could sum up this great series, it would be "original." There is only one other anime I have ever deemed "original", that being, "Evangelion", of course. Having seen just the first volume, "Speed Grapher" has already made it to one of the top titles on my list.

Because of its originality, it's hard to describe or compare it to other anime titles. "Speed Grapher" is similar to "Evangelion" in that it deals with the philosophy of human mind and desire and is deeply enriched. I thought of "Elfen Lied" in some instances, but "Speed Grapher" is way beyond that league. It's similar to "Silent Hill" (the video game/movie) in the perfection of the background music. Its clean graphics are in the realm of "Last Exile's" awesome artist, Range Murata. In all, this title can stand on its own. "Speed Grapher" is rated TV-MA (mature). This is definitely not for kids or the light-hearted or the occasional anime fan. This is definitely for you hard-core anime fans. I tried to get the import version, but was unsuccessful, so I'm anxiously awaiting for Volume 2.


Keeping Up That Spirit of Determination

The weekend is over once again and that means that there is less than 6 more weeks till the MCAT. I am happy to say that I have kept my goal of finishing the Biology Section, well, for the most part. I just need to get through Genetics and Evolution (which shouldn't be too much of a hassle). Next weekend, it's on to Organic Chemistry.

I'm trying to figure out ways to keep my spirit of determination up, get my hypothalamus to work in my favor. Release those hormones and give me that good, happy feeling. Maybe little rewards might work. But with me giving the rewards, it's probably unlikely that they'll suffice. What's going to stop me from getting it (other than okane), if I really want it? I guess, in truth, the joy of going to Med School and becoming a doctor to help others is reason enough to strive.

Onegai tasukete kami-sama! Ganbatte!


The Security Blanket Called Ignorance

Sure, a little bit of ignorance never hurt anyone. Those who avoid ignorance completely are ironically doomed to fail in life. We have shaped life to what it is today - a place where only the ignorant succeed. And the main reason for this is the false sense of motivation that always accompanies hope and ignorance.

Believing in something gives humans the drive to improve themselves, to provide the stamina needed to continue the race. In this case, it seems to be better to be a hypocrite. So long as you continue to push and "succeed" in life, while at the same time, remembering the truth. And for those that are completely ignorant and are devoid of the truth, may you be showered with pseudo-bliss-full days.

The End of Longest Shortest Week

It's Friday, Yay! I still can't believe this was a 3-day work week. It felt like it went forever. I don't have any big plans this weekend, but I hope to get some anime in there somehow. I've set a big goal for myself this weekend -- to finish studying the Biology section of the MCAT. I think it can be done...if not the entire section, then at least 75% of it.

I'm watching "School Rumble" right now. Usually not my type of anime, but it's really starting to get a hold on me. I don't think it'll end the way I want it to, but I hope to be pleasantly surprised.

Alright! That's enough of a break. Gotta get back to work...apparently for me, Friday is always my busiest day.



A disorder resulting from a failure to behave preditably; a mental state characterized by a lack of clear or orderly thought and behavior; a mistake that results from taking one thing for another; causes disorderly combination of elements with identities lost and distinctions blended. Confusion, it seems, is the way of life. Though some may believe that they aren't confused most of the time, I think there isn't a time when one person at one given point in time is not confused. Think about it, can you pinpoint one instance when you saw things "clearly," with absolutely no doubt, or not a shred of chance where you may be wrong? I wouldn't say that confusion is a trait that is human-specific, but it can be said that we, alone, hide from the simple fact that we know nothing.

But how can all of us be wrong? Doesn't majority always represent the truth? Majority, in truth (chuckles in irony), is not a representation of the truth. Instead, it is a representation of what most have agreed to agree on. If you disagree, then you'd agree that if 90% of the world said that the word "truth" contains six letters, then it must be true. Right?

Confusion -- A state in that which is not normal. Confusion is the state of life. Laugh at those who believe they are normal, or who snicker at those who they see aren't normal. We're all abnormal, weird, if you will, and those who refuse it will remain lost or can dwell in their sea of false happiness or content.


MCAT Madness

Less than 7 more weeks till the MCAT. I'm starting to get really nervous. At times I feel so prepared, that I've done all I can do. Other times I feel so lost and start to lose all hope. What if I blank out? Could I have done more? What will happen if I don't make it? These questions really bog me down and whatever motivation or stamina I get is very short-lived. I know I have it in me, but will my will be strong enough to persevere? One thing's for sure, I absolutely cannot let my nerves get the best of me. As my sister always says, "You can do it!"

Two nights ago, I suddenly woke up around 4:30 a.m. with some ideas for my Medical School Essay. For fear that I'd forget it when I wake again, I crawled out of bed and looked for some paper and a pen or pencil. I ended up writing incomplete sentences and some notes for a good 20 minutes. It seems good, I just hope it'll be enough to push my application to the top of the pile. Ganbatte-nee Rei-chan!


Independence Day

Happy Independence Day, Happy Fourth of July!!! Except not really, it was 2 days ago, but we'll ignore that little tid bit. Coco is going crazy with all the fireworks. People have got fireworks all around our house. The "regular" fireworks neighbors always seem to have fireworks, we hear it at least 3 times a week, but they're really going at it this year. It sounds like there's a party going on the other side of our house. An on another angle is the usual fireworks event at the park nearby. There's really no point turning on the TV to see the Macy's 4th of July parade. Anyways, Go America! What a perfect way to end our Philly trip.