Evangelion-themed Convenience Store - Lawson Tokyo-3 Shop in Hakone

Step inside the world of Evangelion - to the Lawson Tokyo-3 Shop in Hakone, that is. The japanese convenience store franchise, Lawson, has launched an Evangelion-themed convenience store in Hakone, Kanagawa - the location of the fictional city Tokyo-3) - filling it with a slew of Eva goodies.

In addition, several character panels (with the EVA pilots including Nagisa Kaworu and Makinami Mari) line the ceiling with phrases such as a Rei Ayanami one saying: "You won't die...I'll protect you."

From the images I've seen, the Lawson Tokyo-3 Shop is sure to make any EVA fan, especially the avid fan, swoon and go weak at the knees. From evangelion tie-in snacks, UCC's coffee, tissue paper, stationary, headphones, action figures, manga, and more...And to top it all off, your purchases will be put in a Lawson Tokyo-3 plastic bag! Be sure to check out Gigazine for more pictures and a detailed [Source: GIGAZINE]

UPDATE (4/28/2010): Seems that Lawson was forced to shut down the store temporarily only a few days after it opened. Apparently, there were too many Evangelion fans and they jammed up both the streets and the parking lots. All these led to illegal parking and the otaku mob just created to omuch trouble for the local residents. In the end, Lawsons had to temporarily shut down the convenience store. [Source: Alafista]

Almost feels like a press cover-up and all this was really due to an angel attack...