MIYAVI vs YUKSEK - DAY 1 (Teaser)

Because we always need a little something to get us through the day, why not let Miyavi help us out.  The samurai guitarist strikes again in a way only Miyavi can do.  And this MIYAVI vs YUKSEK collaboration is HOT, HOT, HOT! Check out DAY 1's teaser below and it won't take but a bar or two to understand what I mean...

DAY 1 single comes out July 11th.

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Ayu said...

You know what, this is not a song to listen to at 2:30 in the morning because then you'll be too pumped to go to sleep! XD Miyavi can do no wrong. WOW. Just wow. That was epic and I'm totally digging the long silky hair. :D

But wow; that man can get his guitar to match any musical style. *whistles and rocks out in bed*