Linkin Park Petite Nendoroid Set

Can Linkin Park be defined as cute? They certainly can when Chester and the gang are shrunk down into Japanese Nendoroids!

Good Smile Company has immortalized the American rock band into individual 2.5 inches of PVC awesomeness, and each member is detailed down to their piercings, tattoos and hair (Brad, lovin' your fro!). Guitars, mics, drums and John's turntable are all on hand to make this one of the best Petite Nendroid sets I have ever seen.

While each figure comes with their petite stand, what makes this set extra special is the stage pedestal for display the guys as if they were performing just for you in your room. How will I ever listen to "Breaking the Habit" without these little figures in my sight?

Pre-orders are open with CD Japan and Otacute for around $50, and you'll have until Septebmer 30th to find that special spot for displaying.

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