In These Words Vol. 1

In order to accurately describe the experience of reading the first volume of "In These Words", I am reminded of the lyrics to my favorite Enigma song:

I love you. I'll kill you. But I'll love you forever...

That is the overarching feeling of this dark series brought to us by the wonderful people at 801 Media. "In These Words" follows the sexy US trained psychiatrist Asano Katsuya who is working for the Tokyo Police Department to profile a psychotic serial killer named Shinohara Keiji. After three years and twelve victims, Shinohara is in custody and promises to give a graphic account of his misdeeds. But of course, there is a catch; Shinohara will only confess his sins to Asano. Toss in some disturbingly graphic nightmares and Shinohara's unsettling familiarity with the story's hero and you will have all the elements needed for one hell of a dark and psychological yaoi story.

Besides the amazing storyline and characterizations, the art of "In These Words" is simply beautiful. Included in the front of the book is a gorgeous full-color illustration gallery by the manga's artist Jo Chen. Every illustration in this volume, whether it is the front cover or one of the pages of the story, could be considered a work of art on its own. The shading alone is a visual feast for the eyes. The expressions of each character is so dynamic and full of life. You really get a sense of the character's personalities and emotions. This is especially true of Shinohara Keiji. His expressions do not differ all that much but, the subtle changes in his cocky smile or the glint in his eyes really show the complexity of not only the artwork but also his state of mind and the story as a whole. All these things combined definitely make "In These Words" one of the must read books of the summer. This dark and twisted tale is definitely adult and would probably melt the hardcore side of any yaoi paddle. So if you are sick and tired of all the hype over "Fifty Shades of Grey" or you need a different kind of yaoi in your life, go pick up "In These Words" Vol. 1. The book is available for purchase at Akadot. I promise you'll be begging for more!

[Editor's Note: It's great to see "In These Words" making it's way into manga...I first got into ITW 2 years ago and it didn't take long for me to fall head over heels and become completely obsessed.  And by the second chapter, ITW made it on my Top 5 BL list where it remains to be -- and let's just say that that's not an easy feat.  ITW is brilliant and perfectly dark and morbid.  And this girl is anxious for the next chapter!!!]

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