Ghost in the Shell "Tachikoma" Sneakers

Shoe maker Reebox teams up with Japanese figure maker Megahouse for a super duper limited edition run of "Ghost in the Shell" sneakers.  The design for these GiTS sneakers were inspired by the cute walker bots Tachikomas.  The "Tachikoma-blue" coloring is perfect and I love the little details such as the "Section 9" logo found on the heel side.

If these "feets of fury" tickle your fancy, get your battle face ready and shopping strategy set as you attempt to get your hands on one of the 500 pairs that will be available in the world.  Yes, just 500 pairs will be made and will be available in Japan starting next month for 21,000 yen. [Source: Megahobby via Kotaku]

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Ayu said...

Where is the like button for this? Now these are shoes worth shelling out money for. The rest of you guys can keep your Nikes, lol!