A Look at The Walking Dead Issue 100 Silvestri Variant

Combine my love of The Walking Dead and my M-A-J-O-R love for all things Top Cow and Marc Silvestri, you get one awesome variant cover for the pivotal 100th issue due out this July.  Sure, as a devout Top Cow fan, I probably have plenty of bias, but nevertheless I am LOVING what I see.

Over one weekend, Marc Silvestri posted shots of his progress on "The Walking Dead" 100 cover.  Check out the pics below from Marc sketching out the layout, detailing and inking.  I believe issue 100 will bring 7 comic book artists, including Todd McFarlane, Charlie Adlard, and Sean Phillips, to showcase 7 variant covers.  I'll surely be picking up Silvestri's variant as well as the kick-ass wrap around cover by none other than the man himself, Charlie Adlard.


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