Sengoku Basara - Moonlight Party

CAPCOM's Sengoku Basara is getting its first live-action television show next month entitled "Sengoku Basara -Moonlight Party."

It will star actor/singer GACKT as Oda Nobunaga, as well as Kento Hayashi as Date Masamune and Kōhei Takeda as Sanada Yukimura.

In addition to his role as Nobunaga, GACKT will contribute the ending theme song "Hakuro."  The TV show will premiere on July 12th on MBS.  It will run every Thursday night at 1:25 am.   [Source: Cinema Today via ANN]

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Ayu said...

EEEEEEHHHHHHHHHH?! GACKT will be Oda Nobunaga??? Uesugi Kagetora I can see; Sengoku BASARA version of Oda I cannot. My mind is exploding while picturing GACKT's face but hearing Wakamoto Norio's voice... 0_0