Sideshow's Gambit Legendary Scale Bust

Dayuuummmmmmmmm!!!!! *drool*

Okay, now that I've gotten that out of the way.  I know I should hang to the side on this one and let my newest contributor, Sam, take the reins on this...BUT, I have lost voluntary control of my hands and need someone else to bask in this hotness!

The Cajun that needs no introduction, X-Men's Gambit will be joining the ranks of Sideshow Collectibles' Legendary Scale Bust Series.  And boy is it anything but quiet.  I'm struggling not to break my keyboard right now! So forgive me if I start to ramble.  This sexy piece of....ahem....Gambit will cost you $224.99 for either the exclusive edition that has a beautiful Gambit nameplate, and is limited to 200 pieces, as well as the regular edition.  Each bust is individually painted and finished, each with its own unique quality and detail!  Gambit is due out early next year.

Sideshow's Exclusive Gambit Nameplate
Now I'm sorry to say that the exclusive edition is now sold out, but if you hurry, you can still grab the regular edition here.

That card-wielding, heart-throbbing, master thief never looked so H-O-T!


Ordermade Bandai's GUN-PRI

Okay people, it doesn't take a Gunpla aficionado such as myself to notice the beauty that is Gunpla. Nevermind if you've never touched the stuff. You don't need to partake in the goods to recognize how totally b****ing Gunpla boxes look. I'm an avid Gunpla builder with perfect decal-ing placement skills (LOL!!), and finding places to show-off the latest Gunpla build can be tough, but what can be even tougher is how to display those massive beautiful boxes they were housed in.

Well for those living in Japan (*stares with contempt and jealousy* one day...one day), Bandai has created a solution. Introducing the Gunpla Print Service, "GUN-PRI." Seriously, this is freaking great! The GUN-PRI service lets you select from over 100 MG packages, and order said design to be printed on a plethora of items. Create T-shirts, bath towels, and wallscrolls of your favorite gunpla design and logos. In a world where anything was possible, this is where I'd be screaming, "I would like to order 100 t-shirts!"

Not including shipping and handling, t-shirts will run you about 4,000 yen and the towels and wallscrolls are just under 3,000 yen. Orders will take approximately one month to fulfil. Go forth and build that awesome shirt at http://p-bandai.jp/ordermade/! Hell, even if you can't, do like me and check out the beautiful designs and salivate.

[Source: Gunjap.net]


New Junjo Romantica DVD-BOX Collections

It appears that Shungiku Nakamura's "Junjo Romantica" will continue to be my most expensive yaoi addiction to date. As if I didn't shell out enough money on the two U.S. box sets, all of the original twelve Japanese limited edition DVDs and Egoist & Terrorist fan-special discs of the smash hit anime, now there's this:

The "Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi" Official Website on September 23rd that season's one and two of "Junjo Romantica" will be released in DVD-BOX collections in Japan early next year. Each box set will retail at 13,650 yen and feature twelve Director's Cut episodes of the anime on 3-discs in addition to creditless openings/endings, bonus footage, a special 20-page full-color booklet and original illustrated box.

"Junjo Romantica" DVD-BOX will be available Junary 27, 2012
"Junjo Romantica 2" DVD-BOX will be available February 24, 2012

Do I really need to buy the series again? Probably not. Will I be buying it again because I'm a crazy fan who needs the original illustrated box? .......... Do I really need to answer that?


New "An Assassin" Trailer

My October movie watch list is quite long and near the top of said list is Director Go Ohara’s “An Assassin”. The action film noir premiering in Japan on October 8th is led by one of my favorite Japanese actors, the talented Ryoma Baba (star of such films as “Crazy-izm” and “Takumi-kun: Pure”) in addition to Sayuri Iwata (“Lupin no Kiganjo”) and Yuki Kubota (“Local Boys!”).

Story summary translation from Official Website :

Ryo Hanaki (Ryoma Baba) was raised to be a professional assassin. During one mission though, things go horribly wrong after an attractive high school girl named Rio (Sayuri Iwata) accidentally gets in the way. Hanaki has always spent days as a heartless assassin, but his life starts to change after he helps Rio. By a twist of fate, Rio, who was a complete unknown, suddenly becomes a target overnight. A single mistake from his decision to save Rio has seemingly decided the destiny of the masses...

The promotional theme "Heroine" by Sindy can be purchased at CD Japan.

Catch the new 90-sec trailer below or visit the movie’s Official YouTube Channel page for this and previous entries.


Ai no Kusabi OVA Gets 2012 Release Date!

Anyone who has followed the ups and downs of AIC Studio and director Katsuhito Akiyama's remake of "Ai no Kusabi" knows how much of a rollercoaster it has been. Previously adapted into a two-episode anime in 1992 and 1994, a new relaunch of the popular yaoi novel by Rieko Yoshihara was announced back in 2009 with a new voice cast and updated character design by Naoyuki Onda. The graphic and tragic love story between different members of a class-based society (gang slum-dweller turned voyeristic "pet" Riki the Dark, and his owner Iason Mink, the genetically engineered elite revered by his fellow "Blondies" and the world of Amoi's ruling Artificial Intellegience: Jupiter) was set to unfold over thirteen episodes. Sadly, despite two appetizing trailer releases, financial reasons caused the project to be postponed and then eventually dropped in 2010.

But on September 23rd @Kusabi_Official on Twitter announced their Official Website is having a special reopening celebration. The News section neglects to share any details as to why, but surely it could only mean one thing! While several sections are still being revamped, head over to the Information section and happily discover that January 18, 2012 heralds the release of Volume One! Subsequent volumes are set to release each following month.

Three versions for the first volume, "Ai no Kusabi ~petere Kanju~", will be available (first editions will sport a specially designed jacket by Naoyuki Onda):

Regular Editon
Regular Edition Blu-ray
Limited Edition Blu-ray (includes special booklet, script, creditless opening & ending, promotional videos and pet ring with leather string)

Yes, you heard right... you can have your very own pet ring. (Umm... No need to share the details as to what you'll be doing with yours.)


Resistance 3 Review

Ooooooweeeeeee, it feels great to pick up that Bullseye and Marksman and whoop me some Chimeran ass after all this time!!! My trigger finger is happy.

Resistance 3 is finally out, and takes it home with a well-balanced game, an awesome arsenal available at your finger tips, and a variety of bad guys. As Nathan Hale, you spent your life battling the Chimera invasion, and battling your own spreading infection. And after setting aflame the Chimeran towers, his fellow colleague Joseph Capelli is forced to kill Nathan with his infection completely spread (gotta love those yellow glowing eyes!).

Things pick up where Nathan Hale leaves Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2, as we play the recently dishonorably discharged Joseph Capelli. The world was left in disarray, yet humanity clung on. And after 4 years of what seems like a never-ending struggle as humanity attempts to rebuild, it would seem all of Nathan's efforts didn't exactly eradicate the damn pests. They're back and now there seems to be a huge portal piercing the skies with an imminent threat of what baddies will be coming through from the other end.

Now Joe doesn't have that same "save-the-world/hero/cool" kind of attitude as one might expect from a shooter game. He has a wife and kid that he doesn't want to leave. But the characters he meets, coupled with a stellar array of environments, make for an awesome campaign. The first half of the story seemed to flow and pace very nicely, though as the game progressed there were a few moments when that flow was somewhat broken and disjointed. I am one chapter away from beating the game, but can strongly state that the campaign story and gameplay was action-packed and loads of fun.

Enemies varied to the point where choosing the right strategy and the right weapons were the key to success. You are drawn to the game -- with enemies just popping out of nowhere, when there is scarcely any light available, when you notice the eerie soundtrack or even when things go too quiet, and when you realize you are down to your last mag. The environment alone was stunning to just stare at. You'll easily be drawn into playing the game with no breaks.

Co-op gameplay also proves itself worthy. While I was sad to see the lack of class-based co-op from Resistance 2, co-op in general doesn't suffer. You get the experience you are looking for. And if you've got the gear, the fun doesn't stop there. Be sure to whip out your Playstation Move gun and your 3D specs and stop that invasion!


Good Smile Company's Makise Kurisu PVC Figure

Tis the season, I suppose, when my figure/statue buy-list grows to ridiculous proportions. And after gazing my eyes over this little beauty, it comes to no surprise that it joined the ranks of "ze list."

As a huge Makise fan (my latest cosplay venture included the premiere of my Makise cosplay at Otakon this year), I must say Good Smile Company has made one hell of a beautiful figure. And it's great to see steins;gate getting more recognition and love. And not just your average love, but the release of stellar, top-quality figures. I still find myself staring at one of my favorite figures in my room (the gorgeous Kotobukiya figure of Makise).

This breathtaking 1/8 scale PVC figure of Future Gadget Laboratory's Lab Member No. 004, Kurisu Makise is now available for pre-order with a retail price of 6,800 yen and a release date of March 2012.

Check out more pics at Good Smile Company. Come hither, Makise!


Messiah Gets Live Action Adaptation

One of the most recent live action adaptions I’ve been keeping an eye on is Akira Hiyoshimaru's “Messiah.” The manga currently seralized in Kadokawa Shoten’s “Gekkan Asuka” magazine tells the story of SAKURA, an elite intelligence group for the Fifth Unit of the Special Police Bureau with a license to kill. Like any good undercover operative who erases their past and dons a secret identity, the movie version follows SAKURA candidate Eiri Kaido (played by D2 Member and “Pole Dancing Boys” star Atsushi Arai) and his assigned partner Haku (played by "Tenimyu" alumni Masahiro Inoue), who pose as students at a high school to protect and monitor the activities of a student whose brother is a terrorist. However, no mission is ever simple and that is when Eiri and his fellow teammates must rely on their Messiah, which within their cirlce are their partners to protect them from danger and possible death. Who doesn’t like handsome guys who wear high school blazers by day, long black coats at night, pack heat and can kick your ass? Other stars in the film include "Tenimyu" and “Kamen Rider” series actors Syo Jinnai and Minehiro Kinomoto.

Director Shunsuke Kaneko, who helmed “Death Note”, will see his finished product on the screen in Japan on October 15th.

For our Japanese-reading followers out there, pick up the most recent issue of “Neo Actor” magazine for an interview with stars Atsushi Arai and Syo Jinnai.

Check out the trailer:

Official Messiah Website


Kyo and Gara in MASSIVE Volume 3

If you're a DIR EN GREY or MERRY fanatic, I highly recommend you pick up Volume 3 of MASSIVE. The bands respective vocalists, Kyo and Gara, are the featured cover story, with a combine 62-page interview and pictorial discussing their art, their recent album drops and shots from their recent tours. Trust me, the full-page shots of these two talented men together is worth the money alone.

Also included in this month's issue are other joint interviews and concert coverage from LAID BACK OCEAN's Yafumi and UVERworld's Takuya∞. Kazuya Yoshii, sads, cali≠gari, J, RIZE, 9mm Parabellum Bullet, and SIAM SHADE.

The high quality work put in MASSIVE has quickly made it one of my favorite periodicals from Shinko Music Entertainment's extensive line of music books and magazines. The current volume ranks #6 on CD Japan's Top Book listing. Buy yours today.


Tenimyu Single: Jumping up! High touch!

Seeing as I’m back on my "Prince of Tennis" musical (or "Tenimyu") kick lately, I bring news from this autumn’s volume 15 issue of "Neo Actor" magazine, which includes an interview with Yuki Ogoe, Daiki Ise and Kazuhiro Okazaki (performing as Echizen Ryoma, Wakashi Hiyoshi and Shinji Ibu respectively). The folks in Japan can catch the "Dream Live 2011" concerts on November 5th and 12th, but we all don’t have to wait to enjoy the 2nd Season tunes. Just when I thought I got the chorus from "F.G.K.S" out of my head, this energentic diddy comes along...

Four editions of the musical anchor single “Jumping up! High touch!” are set to release on September 28th. Fortunately CD Japan will "serve" up all four!
  • TypeA: [Limited Editon] CD featuring All Members version and Seigaku Members version, karaoke, and Voice Collection, including DVD bonus of the single's promotional video filmed on July 26th at Tokyo Dome City Hall and "Making Of" special.
  • Type B: [Regular Edition] CD featuring All Members version, Fudomine Members version, additional track, karaoke and Voice Collection.
  • Type C: [Regular Edition] CD featuring All Members version, St. Rudolph & Yamabuki Members version, additional track, karaoke and Voice Collection.
  • Type D: [Regular Editon] CD featuring All Members version and Hyotei Members version, additional track, karaoke and Voice Collection.


DSS 606: Third Impact Welcomes New Contributor!

I created Dead Sea Scrolls 606: Third Impact years ago at the behest of some of my friends suggesting I should write about what I love -- anime, manga, video games, comic books, japanese music, collectibles and figures, and everything else in between . Modest beginnings (with crazy schedules sometimes preventing me to write), with a neverending drive to keep striving for more.

With that said, I feel privileged and content to officially announce and welcome Third Impact's newest contributor! Sam is a long-time Third Impact reader but is no stranger when it comes to this blog. Reader turned "unofficial" reporter and now turned official contributor has, over the years, played an active role in Third Impact's shenanigans. (If you've seen me at recent conventions, you'll no doubt have noticed an extremely tall (at least through my shortie perspective) gal following my stride).

It gives me great pleasure to introduce my bestie and your newest contributor, Sam J. Our likes and dislikes complement the tone of Third Impact and I'm excited to see what future posts will bring (need I mention that she's a fellow Marvel fan!!!). Of course, she will be covering a slew of topics here and there, and in my efforts to continue to expand, Sam will be bringing news and reviews on the latest in the realm of Japanese rock music, drama, and yaoi (lovely combination, if I do say so myself). But enough of me jabbering, straight from Sam's fingers:
"Blasting DIR EN GREY from the speakers, watching "Evangelion" on the DVD player, hanging "Junjo Romantica" and X Japan on the walls, rearranging "Mirage of Blaze" and "Takumi-kun" on the shelves, weighing down the messenger bag with "The Walking Dead", taking cosplay to the dry cleaners and signing for the FedEx package for the latest ikemen and music magazines...it's just the typical life of Sam.
I'm still waiting for my mutant abilities to awaken so I can save (or rule) the world, but until then I'm honored to use my writing powers as a new blog contributor. If it's Japanese rock music, actors or yaoi titles, it's up my alley and I can't wait to share my knowledge and passion here at Third Impact, where the uniqueness of Japanese entertainment and culture is celebrated.
Glomps, kisses and devil horns to all!"
Let me say once more, "Irrashaimase Sam! Welcome!"

Be sure to check out Sam's blog posts to date:


Top Cow's 2011 Pilot Season

Top Cow's Pilot Season is back with its 5th year! In their continued mission to bring us the newest and best, eight new comics join to battle it out till there's only one comic standing. And we, the fans, get to do the picking. So here we go...

PILOT SEASON: TEST #1 (10/5/11)

The Harvey nominated creative team of ECHOES, JOSHUA HALE FIALKOV (I…Vampire) and RAHSAN EKEDA (Solomon Kane) reunite to kick off 2011’s PILOT SEASON competition with TEST. A group of ten strangers wake up in a mysterious town with no memory of who they are and how they got there.

They are the lone survivors of an apocalyptic event, chosen to repopulate the Earth. But what is the true nature of their fate?

art & cover DENNIS CALERO

Over a decade after Terminal, the residents of San Francisco live a peaceful and prosperous existence thanks to the Program. Every resident of the city is hand-selected and implanted with the chip Secura, which removes the human capacity for violence to maintain the greater good. Only the city's security forces are allowed a brief reprieve from Secura through use of the drug Freestone in order to do their jobs. Now, rumors of Freestone getting out into the open market threaten to upset the delicate balance keeping humanity from extinction.

art & cover JEREMY HAUN

Modern society is obsessed with outward beauty. What if there was a way to guarantee you could be come more and more beautiful every day? What if it was contagious? In the world of The Beauty, physical perfection is attainable and while the mass majority of the population has taken advantage of it, Detectives Foster and Vaughn will soon discover it comes with a terrible price.

DIGGER #1 (10/26/11)

A random act of kindness can be damning. When a man witnessed the ruthless beating of an innocent woman, he rushed to help her and was brutally murdered for his trouble. Now driven by revenge, sorrow, and guilt, the woman enacts arcane forces to resurrect him. From out of the earth he'll rise, a twisted, worm-riddled monstrosity forced to carry out vengeance to maintain whatever life he has left, all while confronting the unimaginable truth of his new, hideous existence. Is he forever damned to be a rotting monster driven by an insatiable bloodlust...or is it possible to shed the curse and return to normal? The torment belongs to the living nightmare they'll call Fleshdigger. God help anyone who gets in his way!


Vince Martinez raced cars for a living, now he can’t even drive. A tragic mistake took Vince from the height of success to losing his career, his family & his freedom. When he is unwittingly made the getaway driver for a bank robbery gone wrong, will Vince head back to jail or show the world why he was NASCAR’s hottest driver in one of the heaviest trafficked cities in the US.


Charles Witten is a brilliant scientist capable of inventing devices that will change our world. Unfortunately, most of the scientific community thinks he’s a crackpot. As does the government, until… a precision team of heist men rob a bank in Switzerland using what appears to be Witten’s dimension hopping technology. Technology that Witten designed, but never completed…


Marcus Walsh was an elite Special Forces soldier involved in black ops all over the world. Wet work like this takes its toll and Marcus wanted out, but this wasn’t a job you quit. There was only one way out. Now believed dead and completely anonymous, Walsh struggles to use his black ops skills to atone for his past sins.

PILOT SEASON: SERAPH #1 (11/23/11)
art & cover JOSE LUIS

The angelic warrior now known only as Seraph was once a sinner. After living a life of selfishness and sin, personal tragedy drove him to kill himself. Plucked on his way to Hell by Heaven, the man was made Heaven’s soldier in an endless battle. Charged with fighting an ancient war, but bound by God’s law, can Seraph triumph over opponents not restricted in the same way and regain his faith in the process?

With a record number of competing titles, the voting this year will be done in a triple elimination system in December. After the final release in November, fans will be able to log onto TopCow.com and vote for their favorite for two weeks with no restriction on the number of votes per day. Then the top four will compete for a week with one vote per fan per day allowed. Finally the top two square off for one week with one vote per fan per day.

Top Cow has always had a tendency to keep outdoing themselves (not that I'm complaining), and this year's pick is no exception. The crop of writers and artists alone speak for themselves. These one-shot titles will be out later this year. All PILOT SEASON one-shots are 32-page full color comic books that will go on sale for $3.99.

For your first look at the eight titles, be sure to pick up Pilot Season: Declassified 2011 today for just a buck! [Sources: Image Comics; Top Cow]


Guild Wars 2 Charr Plush

The Charr. Guild Wars players world over know them all too well. Vicious, ferocious, blood-thirsty conquerors......and loveable??? ArenaNet announces the release of this super adorable plush version of GW2's battle-ready Charr.

This huggable Charr is 17-inches long and is ruggedly constructed from soft, high-quality material that will stand up to the latest centurion invasion.

Supplies are limited, so you'll want to pick up your Charr companion soon exclusively from the Penny Arcade Store (in North America) or the NCsoft Merchandise Store (in Europe). [Source: ArenaNet]

UPDATE (9/15/2011): Charr plushies already sold out in Europe!

UPDATE (9/23/2011): Charr plushies sold out in the U.S.!!! Glad I swiped one for me before they were all goooone...


Durarara!! Izaya PVC Figure

Alter brings us a hot, and sexy dose of Izaya from Durarara!! Retailed at 6,800 yen, Izaya is set for release in January of 2012. Black never looked so good!! *faints*


Miyavi 30th Birthday Celebration

Someone has a birthday coming up! On September 14th singer-songwriter and aptly nicknamed “Samurai Guitarist” Miyavi is turning 30 and he wants you to join in the celebration.

Starting at 11pm on Tuesday, September 13th (Japan Time) you can head to the MIYAVI USTREAM channel for his “From Tokyo 2 the world” broadcast. Show will end at 12:30am Wednesday, September 14th (Japan Time).

MIYAVI OFFICIAL USTREAM CHANNEL: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/miyavi-official

LIVE BROADCAST: http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv62896926

Let this tie you over until the kick-off of his world tour, starting October 20th in San Francisco. Don’t forget that Miyavi’s single with hip-hop star KREVA, “STRONG” is being released on October 5th. This will be the first collaboration release from Miyavi’s “SAMURAI SESSION WORLD SERIES.” Pre-order your Limited Edition copy (with DVD) at CD Japan.


Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning Play Arts Kai Figure

It was love at first sight when I laid eyes on the Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning Play Arts Kai figure. After the initial drool, my second thought was "ooooo, this will looking b****ing next to my vicious Odin figure. Lightning comes with her sword and shield, as well as an optional hand part.

Lightning strikes this December, listed at 5,200 yen. Pre-order now at discounted prices at any of these wallet-loving retailers:


Sugizo Announces Tour and Single

If you’re a LUNA SEA, X Japan or Juno Reactor fan, you must know of their mutual member Sugizo. The 42-year-old musician, singer-songwriter and record producer has announced on his Japanese website this week he is kicking off his solo live tour “SUGIZO TOUR 2011 STAIRWAY to THE FLOWER OF LIFE” on December 20th in Japan with eventual stops in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Sugizo’s digital single “PRAY FOR MOTHER EARTH” (featuring Toshinori Kondo) will be released on September 11, 2011 and will be available on iTunes.


Color Ink Book - Camilla d'Errico style

Listen up people! If you thought your coloring book days were over, think again!!

If you know me, at some point you would have heard me sing praises on one of my favorite artists of all time -- Camilla d'Errico. Well, right before San Diego Comic-Con, Camilla announced that she would be a featured artist in the Color Ink Book Volume 12 and cover artist for one of the limited editions.

To celebrate the public launch of this 100+ page collection, Camilla is hosting a special D.I.Y. Coloring Contest, which runs from now until September 30th.

You can enter 1 of 2 different ways.

Option #1:

1) Order a copy of the Color Ink book Vol. 12 from the online store.
2) Choose any Camilla d'Errico image from the book to color. You can scan the image to color digitally, or color with any medium you decide.
3) Scan, or take a photo of, your completed page from the book and send it to info [at] camilladerrico [dot] com.

Grand Prize: Four different 12" x 18" art prints, plus an original page from Color Ink Book Vol.12 that has been colored and signed by Camilla d'Errico.

Option #2:

1) Download Camilla's black and white Color Ink Book cover image - "Wireseat" here.
2) Print your own sheet of the black and white image to color with the medium of your choice, or digitally color the image with computer software.
3) Scan, or take a photo of, your completed page from the book and send it to info [at] camilladerrico [dot] com.

Grand Prize: One randomly selected 12" x 18" art print.

Check out the Camilla's blog for full details and lots of photos of previous volumes.


ANiMiX Finder no Hyoteki DVD News

The b-boy website has announced hot news on Friday (with emphasis on the word HOT)!

The very long wait for the ANiMiX "Finder no Hyouteki” DVD looks to finally be over with a projected release at the end of this year. Note that this is not an anime film of Ayano Yamane’s popular yaoi series. ANiMiX, to put it simply, is taking the manga and giving it an anime look with voice actors and minimal animation. According to the homepage post, three stories will be included (Finder no Hyouteki, FIXER and Love Surprise).

Voice cast will include Tetsuya Kakihara as Akihito Takeba and Takaya Kuroda as Ryuuichi Asami, both who will also be voicing the drama CD released this month. Kuroda voiced Darcia in “Wolf’s Rain” and between that voice and this sexy picture of Asami, I will surely be on the lookout to acquire my the DVD upon its release.


Call of Duty: MW3 Hardened Edition Details Revealed

Some details on the Hardened Edition of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has been released!

Included within:

- The Call of Duty: MW3 game disc, featuring unique disc art

- 1-year Call of Duty Elite premium membership, including:
  • 20 pieces of Modern Warfare 3 DLC delivered over a 9 month period
  • Incredible variety, including new MP maps, Spec Ops missions and game modes
  • Ownership of all DLC, even if your membership expires
  • Prized Events, Operations, Leagues and custom in-game playlist and modes
For more information, visit http://www.callofduty.com/elite/whats-included.html

- Special Founder status on Call of Duty Elite, including:
  • Unique Founder weapon camo and profile skin
  • Exclusive Founder in-game Player Card and Emblem
  • Access to the private ""#Founder" Group
  • Special Founder Clan XP boost
  • Special Founder Operations, Events and Leagues
  • Exclusive Founder prizes and experiences
  • Premium, collectible steelbook case
  • Exclusive Special Ops Juggernaut Xbox LIVE outfit
- Limited edition, collectible field journal chronicling the entire saga with 100+ pages of authentic military sketches, diagrams and written entries.

Pre-order now for $99.99. Watch this space for details for other gaming systems.


LUNA SEA Reunion Concert DVD

Seeing LUNA SEA live in concert may forever remain on my bucket list without a cross out line, but Ryuichi Kawamura, Sugizo and the rest of the guys are at least still putting out the goods that allow us all to enjoy their music in front of the glow of our television screens and region 2 DVD players.

October 19th is the release date for "Ichiya Kagiri no Fukkatsu Live LUNA SEA Chinmoku no 7 Nen wo Koete" (whoa, that’s a loooong title). The DVD will feature a documentary of the band’s 2007 Christmas Eve reunion concert in addition to 14 NHK song performances spanning from 1993 to 2000, including some of my personal favorites like "ROSIER" and "gravity".

This release comes just in time for "A Promise to the Brave", the band’s sold-out charity concert on October 22nd in Saitama. All proceeds from the concert will be donated to the victims of the earthquake through the Japan Red Cross.

You can pre-order your copy at CD Japan or YesAsia.


Kotobukiya's X-MEN Fine Art Statue - Magneto

Available for pre-order, Kotobukiya presents one bad-ass cold cast statue of one bad-ass mutant, X-Men's villian...Magneto! As part of the Fine Art Statue collection, the master of magnetism boasts at 14 inches tall (1/6th scale) atop the ruins of Professor Charles Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. The intricate details is incredibly fluid and powerful. The statue comes with 2 interchangeable heads, with or without his trademark helmet.

Check out the Kotobukiya website for more photos. A certain shelf in my room will be awaiting Magneto's arrival, due April 2012.