Guild Wars 2 Charr Plush

The Charr. Guild Wars players world over know them all too well. Vicious, ferocious, blood-thirsty conquerors......and loveable??? ArenaNet announces the release of this super adorable plush version of GW2's battle-ready Charr.

This huggable Charr is 17-inches long and is ruggedly constructed from soft, high-quality material that will stand up to the latest centurion invasion.

Supplies are limited, so you'll want to pick up your Charr companion soon exclusively from the Penny Arcade Store (in North America) or the NCsoft Merchandise Store (in Europe). [Source: ArenaNet]

UPDATE (9/15/2011): Charr plushies already sold out in Europe!

UPDATE (9/23/2011): Charr plushies sold out in the U.S.!!! Glad I swiped one for me before they were all goooone...

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