Good Smile Company's Makise Kurisu PVC Figure

Tis the season, I suppose, when my figure/statue buy-list grows to ridiculous proportions. And after gazing my eyes over this little beauty, it comes to no surprise that it joined the ranks of "ze list."

As a huge Makise fan (my latest cosplay venture included the premiere of my Makise cosplay at Otakon this year), I must say Good Smile Company has made one hell of a beautiful figure. And it's great to see steins;gate getting more recognition and love. And not just your average love, but the release of stellar, top-quality figures. I still find myself staring at one of my favorite figures in my room (the gorgeous Kotobukiya figure of Makise).

This breathtaking 1/8 scale PVC figure of Future Gadget Laboratory's Lab Member No. 004, Kurisu Makise is now available for pre-order with a retail price of 6,800 yen and a release date of March 2012.

Check out more pics at Good Smile Company. Come hither, Makise!


Anonymous said...


I am only thinking of getting either the GSC or the Kotobukiya figure. Both of them look stunning, but my idealogy of 1 figure per characte still stands, which do you think will be better?

Sabira said...

Hey there, thanks for reading! As for your question, that's a tough one as both figures are very different. The Kotobukiya figure is a re-release, and for good reason. It is simply stunning and absolutely gorgeous. It is one of my favorite pieces in my collection and I highly recommend it. Since the GSC rendition isn't out yet, I can only go based on photos, and if you are really standing strong on getting just one or the other, I would say it all depends on your preferences. The GSC has very vivid and fluid pose, while Kotobukiya's rendition, I think, captures Makise perfectly, personality-wise. Personally, I look at pose and bases very carefully and weigh them heavily in my decisions. And while the GSC is beautiful, Kotobukiya has got that undeniable unique quality. IT'S GOT GEARS! Stunning base and all!

Hope this helps in your decision. If you can get both, you won't be sorry! They truly are different. But as far as choosing one or the other, go with what your personal preferences are. Either way, you won't go wrong!

<3 Sabira