Resistance 3 Review

Ooooooweeeeeee, it feels great to pick up that Bullseye and Marksman and whoop me some Chimeran ass after all this time!!! My trigger finger is happy.

Resistance 3 is finally out, and takes it home with a well-balanced game, an awesome arsenal available at your finger tips, and a variety of bad guys. As Nathan Hale, you spent your life battling the Chimera invasion, and battling your own spreading infection. And after setting aflame the Chimeran towers, his fellow colleague Joseph Capelli is forced to kill Nathan with his infection completely spread (gotta love those yellow glowing eyes!).

Things pick up where Nathan Hale leaves Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2, as we play the recently dishonorably discharged Joseph Capelli. The world was left in disarray, yet humanity clung on. And after 4 years of what seems like a never-ending struggle as humanity attempts to rebuild, it would seem all of Nathan's efforts didn't exactly eradicate the damn pests. They're back and now there seems to be a huge portal piercing the skies with an imminent threat of what baddies will be coming through from the other end.

Now Joe doesn't have that same "save-the-world/hero/cool" kind of attitude as one might expect from a shooter game. He has a wife and kid that he doesn't want to leave. But the characters he meets, coupled with a stellar array of environments, make for an awesome campaign. The first half of the story seemed to flow and pace very nicely, though as the game progressed there were a few moments when that flow was somewhat broken and disjointed. I am one chapter away from beating the game, but can strongly state that the campaign story and gameplay was action-packed and loads of fun.

Enemies varied to the point where choosing the right strategy and the right weapons were the key to success. You are drawn to the game -- with enemies just popping out of nowhere, when there is scarcely any light available, when you notice the eerie soundtrack or even when things go too quiet, and when you realize you are down to your last mag. The environment alone was stunning to just stare at. You'll easily be drawn into playing the game with no breaks.

Co-op gameplay also proves itself worthy. While I was sad to see the lack of class-based co-op from Resistance 2, co-op in general doesn't suffer. You get the experience you are looking for. And if you've got the gear, the fun doesn't stop there. Be sure to whip out your Playstation Move gun and your 3D specs and stop that invasion!

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