ANiMiX Finder no Hyoteki DVD News

The b-boy website has announced hot news on Friday (with emphasis on the word HOT)!

The very long wait for the ANiMiX "Finder no Hyouteki” DVD looks to finally be over with a projected release at the end of this year. Note that this is not an anime film of Ayano Yamane’s popular yaoi series. ANiMiX, to put it simply, is taking the manga and giving it an anime look with voice actors and minimal animation. According to the homepage post, three stories will be included (Finder no Hyouteki, FIXER and Love Surprise).

Voice cast will include Tetsuya Kakihara as Akihito Takeba and Takaya Kuroda as Ryuuichi Asami, both who will also be voicing the drama CD released this month. Kuroda voiced Darcia in “Wolf’s Rain” and between that voice and this sexy picture of Asami, I will surely be on the lookout to acquire my the DVD upon its release.

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Ayu said...

You better be on the look out to acquire FOUR copies in case I can't get a hold on my two (you know, one of your things, one to keep and one to use). LOL! The wait has been long but I'm on alert now! <3