Ordermade Bandai's GUN-PRI

Okay people, it doesn't take a Gunpla aficionado such as myself to notice the beauty that is Gunpla. Nevermind if you've never touched the stuff. You don't need to partake in the goods to recognize how totally b****ing Gunpla boxes look. I'm an avid Gunpla builder with perfect decal-ing placement skills (LOL!!), and finding places to show-off the latest Gunpla build can be tough, but what can be even tougher is how to display those massive beautiful boxes they were housed in.

Well for those living in Japan (*stares with contempt and jealousy* one day...one day), Bandai has created a solution. Introducing the Gunpla Print Service, "GUN-PRI." Seriously, this is freaking great! The GUN-PRI service lets you select from over 100 MG packages, and order said design to be printed on a plethora of items. Create T-shirts, bath towels, and wallscrolls of your favorite gunpla design and logos. In a world where anything was possible, this is where I'd be screaming, "I would like to order 100 t-shirts!"

Not including shipping and handling, t-shirts will run you about 4,000 yen and the towels and wallscrolls are just under 3,000 yen. Orders will take approximately one month to fulfil. Go forth and build that awesome shirt at http://p-bandai.jp/ordermade/! Hell, even if you can't, do like me and check out the beautiful designs and salivate.

[Source: Gunjap.net]

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