Messiah Gets Live Action Adaptation

One of the most recent live action adaptions I’ve been keeping an eye on is Akira Hiyoshimaru's “Messiah.” The manga currently seralized in Kadokawa Shoten’s “Gekkan Asuka” magazine tells the story of SAKURA, an elite intelligence group for the Fifth Unit of the Special Police Bureau with a license to kill. Like any good undercover operative who erases their past and dons a secret identity, the movie version follows SAKURA candidate Eiri Kaido (played by D2 Member and “Pole Dancing Boys” star Atsushi Arai) and his assigned partner Haku (played by "Tenimyu" alumni Masahiro Inoue), who pose as students at a high school to protect and monitor the activities of a student whose brother is a terrorist. However, no mission is ever simple and that is when Eiri and his fellow teammates must rely on their Messiah, which within their cirlce are their partners to protect them from danger and possible death. Who doesn’t like handsome guys who wear high school blazers by day, long black coats at night, pack heat and can kick your ass? Other stars in the film include "Tenimyu" and “Kamen Rider” series actors Syo Jinnai and Minehiro Kinomoto.

Director Shunsuke Kaneko, who helmed “Death Note”, will see his finished product on the screen in Japan on October 15th.

For our Japanese-reading followers out there, pick up the most recent issue of “Neo Actor” magazine for an interview with stars Atsushi Arai and Syo Jinnai.

Check out the trailer:

Official Messiah Website

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