Ai no Kusabi OVA Gets 2012 Release Date!

Anyone who has followed the ups and downs of AIC Studio and director Katsuhito Akiyama's remake of "Ai no Kusabi" knows how much of a rollercoaster it has been. Previously adapted into a two-episode anime in 1992 and 1994, a new relaunch of the popular yaoi novel by Rieko Yoshihara was announced back in 2009 with a new voice cast and updated character design by Naoyuki Onda. The graphic and tragic love story between different members of a class-based society (gang slum-dweller turned voyeristic "pet" Riki the Dark, and his owner Iason Mink, the genetically engineered elite revered by his fellow "Blondies" and the world of Amoi's ruling Artificial Intellegience: Jupiter) was set to unfold over thirteen episodes. Sadly, despite two appetizing trailer releases, financial reasons caused the project to be postponed and then eventually dropped in 2010.

But on September 23rd @Kusabi_Official on Twitter announced their Official Website is having a special reopening celebration. The News section neglects to share any details as to why, but surely it could only mean one thing! While several sections are still being revamped, head over to the Information section and happily discover that January 18, 2012 heralds the release of Volume One! Subsequent volumes are set to release each following month.

Three versions for the first volume, "Ai no Kusabi ~petere Kanju~", will be available (first editions will sport a specially designed jacket by Naoyuki Onda):

Regular Editon
Regular Edition Blu-ray
Limited Edition Blu-ray (includes special booklet, script, creditless opening & ending, promotional videos and pet ring with leather string)

Yes, you heard right... you can have your very own pet ring. (Umm... No need to share the details as to what you'll be doing with yours.)


Ayu said...

This will be so awesome if it happens to be true. But the prospect of owning an actual pet ring... be still my beating heart (and raging hardcore side of the yaoi paddle, lol).

ElfitaA1 said...

best news EVER!
thank you!!!, that xplains why i found that name in ebay XD