Kyo and Gara in MASSIVE Volume 3

If you're a DIR EN GREY or MERRY fanatic, I highly recommend you pick up Volume 3 of MASSIVE. The bands respective vocalists, Kyo and Gara, are the featured cover story, with a combine 62-page interview and pictorial discussing their art, their recent album drops and shots from their recent tours. Trust me, the full-page shots of these two talented men together is worth the money alone.

Also included in this month's issue are other joint interviews and concert coverage from LAID BACK OCEAN's Yafumi and UVERworld's Takuya∞. Kazuya Yoshii, sads, cali≠gari, J, RIZE, 9mm Parabellum Bullet, and SIAM SHADE.

The high quality work put in MASSIVE has quickly made it one of my favorite periodicals from Shinko Music Entertainment's extensive line of music books and magazines. The current volume ranks #6 on CD Japan's Top Book listing. Buy yours today.

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