DSS 606: Third Impact Welcomes New Contributor!

I created Dead Sea Scrolls 606: Third Impact years ago at the behest of some of my friends suggesting I should write about what I love -- anime, manga, video games, comic books, japanese music, collectibles and figures, and everything else in between . Modest beginnings (with crazy schedules sometimes preventing me to write), with a neverending drive to keep striving for more.

With that said, I feel privileged and content to officially announce and welcome Third Impact's newest contributor! Sam is a long-time Third Impact reader but is no stranger when it comes to this blog. Reader turned "unofficial" reporter and now turned official contributor has, over the years, played an active role in Third Impact's shenanigans. (If you've seen me at recent conventions, you'll no doubt have noticed an extremely tall (at least through my shortie perspective) gal following my stride).

It gives me great pleasure to introduce my bestie and your newest contributor, Sam J. Our likes and dislikes complement the tone of Third Impact and I'm excited to see what future posts will bring (need I mention that she's a fellow Marvel fan!!!). Of course, she will be covering a slew of topics here and there, and in my efforts to continue to expand, Sam will be bringing news and reviews on the latest in the realm of Japanese rock music, drama, and yaoi (lovely combination, if I do say so myself). But enough of me jabbering, straight from Sam's fingers:
"Blasting DIR EN GREY from the speakers, watching "Evangelion" on the DVD player, hanging "Junjo Romantica" and X Japan on the walls, rearranging "Mirage of Blaze" and "Takumi-kun" on the shelves, weighing down the messenger bag with "The Walking Dead", taking cosplay to the dry cleaners and signing for the FedEx package for the latest ikemen and music magazines...it's just the typical life of Sam.
I'm still waiting for my mutant abilities to awaken so I can save (or rule) the world, but until then I'm honored to use my writing powers as a new blog contributor. If it's Japanese rock music, actors or yaoi titles, it's up my alley and I can't wait to share my knowledge and passion here at Third Impact, where the uniqueness of Japanese entertainment and culture is celebrated.
Glomps, kisses and devil horns to all!"
Let me say once more, "Irrashaimase Sam! Welcome!"

Be sure to check out Sam's blog posts to date:

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Ayu said...

YAY!!!! Even more news! Go for it Sam!