Hybrid Child Grows Into Anime Adaptation

Exciting news for all Shungiku Nakamura fans!

The September issue of Ciel magazine proudly announced that not only has "Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi" has been renewed for a second television season, but yet another one of our favorite yaoi mangaka's work is being transformed into an animated series. "Hybrid Child" will reportedly be debuting on Japanese television later next year. This will be the third animated series based off Nakamura's creations (the first being the successful run for "Junjo Romantica"
that completed in 2009 after 24 episodes).

Unlike the ongoing volumes of "Junjo" and "Sekai," Hybrid Child was a fantasy one-shot manga published in Japan in 2005 and spawned a drama CD in 2008.

The story takes place during the Meiji period and features the separate lives of Kotaro, Seya and Kuroda: three men (a number true to Nakamura's romantic formula) in possession of organic android-type creations known as the Hybrid Child, or HC, whom develop strong emotional ties to their owners in order to grow.

So congratulations Nakamura-sensei! We are all so very proud. Now, where is volume 15 of Junjo Romantica? Just asking...

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