"Awakening" Creators at Baltimore Comic-Con 2011

"Awakening" -- it was one of those comic book titles I just happened to pick up back in 2009 for its dark, haunting yet subdued cover. And ever since then, I've been hooked. With the concluding volume released back in November 2010, what's next for the dynamic duo of Nick Tapalansky and Alex Eckman-Lawn?

Well if you are heading to Baltimore Comic-Con this weekend, maybe you can get them to drop some hints on their next book. Both Alex and Nick will be there (table A105), along with copies of Awakening Volume 2 (for those who haven't picked it up yet) at just $10 at the con.

Even better is that not only is Archaia releasing an omnibus of said title (in stores next month, retailed at $24.95), but advance copies will be available at Baltimore this weekend for just $20.

The zombie noir graphic novel is a must-read for any comic book fan. I was able to meet them at last year's Baltimore Comic-Con (check out the pic I took of them - now why wouldn't you want to pick up "Awakening" from these cuties? (^_^)

Be sure to visit Nick's site for more details and check out their Facebook page here.

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