Anime Masterpieces Series Event

"Anime Masterpieces" is a new series event of anime film screenings and panels that is geared to colleges and other institutions in the U.S. Each film in the series is preceded by a short introduction highlighting important things to look for and keep in mind when viewing the film; each screening is then followed by a panel discussion.

Anime Masterpieces will premiere on September 27 at the Pacific Film Archive at the University of California, Berkeley with the epic movie "Grave of the Fireflies. Japanese popular culture scholars Susan Napier, Ian Condry, and Roland Kelts, along with author and translator Frederik L. Schodt, will take part in the subsequent panel discussion. The program's East Coast premiere will take place on October 1 in Boston.

The screening events are completely scaleable to an institution's budget and programming needs, with options including:

  • Screenings with DVDs and Study Guides provided to the institution for “do-it-yourself” style presentation featuring local scholars/authorities in a panel/talkback.
  • Screenings accompanied by panels and talkbacks featuring leading scholars of cinema, history, and popular culture; and, budget permitting, anime creators from Japan.
  • Screening of both Grave of the Fireflies and Tekkonkinkreet as a “double-feature” on a single day or over a weekend, with panels and seminars featuring illustrious anime talent and notable academics.

Check out their site here for more information.

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