The Pre-NYAF Rush

For inquiring minds, I have made it safely from DC to NYC for New York Anime Festival starting tomorrow, Sept. 26th. It was quite an interesting train ride, but let's just say we had to detach and abandon the last car on the train. So anyways, it has been evident for months now that NYAF 2008 will be a convention to remember. Last year's first NYAF has nothing on this incredible line-up.

Here's hoping the rain won't be too bad, especially for cosplayers like myself. Nevertheless, as Madarame ("Genshiken") would say, the weather makes it part of the experience, and it exudes a feeling that something special and ominous is just around the corner. Before we know it, we'll be in anime and manga heaven.

Let's see, what am I really looking forward to? Can I say everything and just direct you to nyanimefestival.com? I'm looking forward to the musical acts, most definitely and am overwhelmed with excitment at meeting the elusive Hideyuki Kikuchi and Yoshitaka Amano. I feel so privledged to be one of ten die-hard Vampire Hunter D fans celebrating Kikuchi's birthday with a dinner party this Sunday. This extreme jubilation has rendered me speechless. So for now, I'll try to rest for the big day. Check out my entire coverage in the days to come.

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