Typing Mania 4

I came across this anime typing game a while ago and neglected to post about it here, not thinking I'd become engrossed by it. And since my friends and I recently had a conversation about mad typing skills, I thought it'd be appropriate. TypingMania4 is a typing game set to your favorite anime and video game tracks. The track list is plentiful and the skill level is set way up there. Just check out some of the titles represented: Trinity Blood, Claymore, Black Lagoon, Eureka 7, Lucky Star, Rebuild of Evangelion, Fruits Basket, FF VIII, Sola, Ghost in the Shell, Fate/stay night, True Tears, Clannad, Karas, Air, Gundam Seed Destiny, Darker than Black, Macross Frontier, Code Geass, Kanon. There are songs for every level of typing skill but the true test is when you reach the higher level songs. Gameplay is pretty self-explanatory but if you get stuck, check out the directions in english here. What are you waiting for? Type away the day!

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Ayu said...

DUDES!!!! That was really hard but really cool! I thought I was a pretty fast typer but not when you have type song lyrics in time with the music! Teehee, I've have to keep playing to get better. Thanks for the link!

~ D