NYAF 2008 FUNimation Panel

After a short trailer of "Darker than BLACK," FUNimation spoke a bit about their view on the state of the American anime market. American customers seem to be shifting in the ways they want to get their anime, and while the DVD is still safe, it opens up more opportunities for Blu-ray, online distribution, and complete series boxes.

On Blu-ray, watch out for "Vexille" and "Samuari 7." As I stated in a previous post, FUNimation titles on Hulu.com include "Black Blood Brothers," "Basilisk," and "Mushishi," with more on the way. FUNimation will be hosting subtitled episodes of "Baccano!" on their website.

New Japan licenses include "Negima" OAVs and season two of "Negima!?" I was most excited to hear the "Ghost Hunt" - in November (along with "Ouran High School Host Club" in January) will be released in two half-season boxes. "Claymore" and "Darker than BLACK" will be getting individual DVD releases with the first volume due out October 14th and mid-November, respectively. They have also picked up Katushiro Otomo's live action adaptation of "Mushi-Shi," hoping for a DVD release and limited theatrical run.

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