Cartoon Network ends Toonami

It's official. After 11 years, Cartoon Network's programming block's Toonami will end. Sure, "Naruto" has been the only anime series in this Saturday evening block, but when I think of Toonami, I don't think of Toonami as it is now, but rather how it was back in the day.

Rewinding back to 11 years ago, during my High School years, when Toonami was one of the major sources of anime for this little anime fan. Toonami hosted a great variety of series including Voltron, Robotech, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, Ronin Warriors, Blue Submarine No. 6, Tenchi Muyo!, Cardcaptors, .hack//SIGN, Yu Yu Hakusho, The Big O, Ruroni Kenshin, Outlaw Star, Cyborg 009, One Piece, and Prince of Tennis. Listing these couple of titles brings back memories and I realize how much of a foundation Toonami provided. Toonami, you will be missed, but it was a great run nonetheless.


Ayu said...

It's all over; is there any reason to even turn to cartoon network any more? *SIGH*

Sweet dreams Toonami. Thank you for keeping us anime fans satisfied during your prime. Because of you, I am what I am today. Rest in peace my friend.

My favorite memory of Toonami (besides how great it used to be before they destroyed)... Toonami Rising Sun on Saturday mornings; one thing ---> 11:30AM Sailor Moon.


Tardis11287(arschelm) said...

Toonami has gone rapidly downhill in the last 5 or so years.
The best line up will always be the 3 hour afternoon block they had back between 200 and 2002:

4:00-Sailor Moon
4:30-Ronin Warriors
5:00-Dragonball Z
5:30-Gundam Wing
6:00-Tenchi Muyo
6:30-Outlaw Star

If they had kept it to this and not show Zatch Bell, Yu Gi Oh, One Peice (the first crappy version) and stuck to old school stuff like this it wouldn't be leaving.