Metal Gear Solid Existence

Just 4 little words: Metal - Gear- Solid- Existence...enough to get gamers excited and enough to show the colossal true power behind Kojima's creation.

According to Siliconera, Konami has registered the name "Metal Gear Solid Existence" in the Japanese Trademark database. Siliconera speculates, " going by the title alone it sounds like we’re going to visit the existence - or origins of the Metal Gear Solid franchise." There's not much to go by, but this tidbit is sure to titillate MGS fans. Is this a new game, a re-release, or just something different altogether? Perhaps the nearing Tokyo Game Show will offer some confirmation.

Siliconera also points out that Konami also registered “Existence” alone, without a link back to Metal Gear Solid in the USPTO on August 11. “Guns of the Patriots,” Metal Gear Solid 4’s subtitle, was also registered separately.

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Franklin said...

I'm willing to bet that this is a re-release. Substance, Subsistence, Existence... the name certainly fits the trend. Still, this is awesome news as I'm sure it's only going to improve on the original MGS4.

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Franklin Keane