GA-KO MGS4 Alarm Clock

Remember that scene in "Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots" with Sunny and Naomi and the sunny side up eggs? The one with that adorable duck timer that got everyone saying, "I want one!!" (The duckie also made an appearance in MGS3 as camouflage and as a mascot in MGO and MG Portable ops.) Well check out the video below to stroll down memory lane.

Done humming? Okay, good. You may or may not have seen this yet, but Konami has released a limited edition of the GA-KO Alarm Clock. I wanted to wait until I had my hands on this before I posted and it finally arrived today! The GA-KO Alarm Clock stands about about 6 inches and is a very nice duplication of the actual game. When the alarm goes off, you'll hear a familiar tune and the duck's head will nod left to right. So when you hear "Gah-Gah" (japanese for "Quack, Quack") it's time for your mission, it's time to go Snake!

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ismaelkf said...

Hey how are you ? What do you think about Spore the game.. it look pretty amazing.. and there is also bleach movie 2 sub !!!