NYAF 2008 Bandai Panel

Bandai Entertainment kicks off the panel portion of this year's rain-ridden New York Anime Festival. The panel's first announcement comes in the form of an un-announcement. Due to licensing issues, "true tears" and "sola," which Bandai Visual USA had licensed, will not be released in America. But fret not, Bandai will release true tears and sola in one fell swoop via the "Anime Legends Collection" line.

"Code Geass" will continue to be aired on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Another title that has been rapidly gaining a steady fanbase is "Gurren Lagann." The subtitled-only version is already out with a bilingual version coming this November. "Gurren Lagann" will soon be joined by "Gundam 00" on the Sci-Fi Channel.

Volume 4 of "Lucky Star" will be released this November and will continue its limited edition streak which includes exclusive t-shirts, this time a summer school uniform t-shirt. "Ayakashi Ayashi" (Ghost Slayers) from Studio BONES, is due on January 6th. "Rocket Girls" will be getting a sub-only release, including all 12 episodes in one volume. "Tokikake" (The Girl who Leapt Through Time) will finally be getting its DVD release this November. November seems to be a big month for Bandai. "Gundam Seed Destiny TV Movie" and "Silent Mobius" will be joining the November crew.

On the Blu-ray front, you can look out for "Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence," "Sword of the Stranger," and "Akira" soon. In addition, "Freedom" will be getting their re-release on Blu-ray, which will contain the episodes that were already released by Bandai Visual via HD-DVD plus the unreleased 7th episode.

That's it for now. Overall a great panel. I will say that I'm liking Bandai's aim and mission of bringing anime to the U.S. almost simultaneously to its airing in Japan. Releasing sub-only versions is the best route to go, followed by a bilingual version, to satisfy all fans alike. Next up will be FUNIMATION.

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