Comiket 74 Cosplay

Comiket, otherwise known as Comic Market (CM), is the world's largest comic convention, held twice a year in a place in Tokyo, Japan that all anime fans should be familar - the instantly recognizable Tokyo Big Sight Convention Center in Odaiba. Unfortunately, I wasn't lucky enough to attend (one day...one day), but with Comiket 74 at an end, in comes the onslaught on cosplay pics. And from what I've seen, it looks like Comiket 74 had a fierce collection of cosplayers.

Check out these select galleries (there are plenty more out there), all for your viewing pleasure:

Japanator - Part 1
Japanator - Part 2
Japan Forum
Otaku2 - Part 1
Otaku2 - Part 2

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ismaelkf said...

Cool.. When is the one happening in New york ? I might go and see it..