Antique Bakery

Meet four unlikely men running a small yet elegant cafe/cake shop known as "Antique." Tachibana is the grandson of a rich businessman, with a past that lead him to open and manage his own cake shop. Then there's Ono Yuusuke, famous pastry chef with an even more infamous title, "devilish homosexual." Next, you've got Kanda Eiji, a young boxer forced to take an early retirement who, after boxing, is very passionate about pastries. And finally, Kobayakawa Chikage, servant friend of Tachibana, who is rather clumsy yet serious and stoic to a fault (most of the time). The odd combo seems to be the perfect recipe for clashing lifestyles and one hell of a comedy. Though no matter how different they may seem, there is one common thread they all share, and that is cake.

Before you jump to conclusions, avoiding preconceptions, "Antique Bakery" is actually not a yaoi anime title, rather it is best to classify this series under the shoujo and slice of life/comedy categories. A hilarious anime with some serious depth. I've been surprisingly hooked ever since the first episode and five episodes in, I am definitely intrigued. Character development and interaction for that matter keeps growing and the storyline is forming at a nice pace. The nice splash of comedy here and there make it hard not to laugh out loud yourself. If you're looking for entertainment from an unsuspecting source, I would recommend giving "Antique Bakery" a try. I first wanted to loosely group "Antique Bakery" with the likes of "Azumanga Daioh," "Yotsubato" (Yotsuba!) or maybe "Hidamari Sketch" and a mix of "Welcome to the NHK," but ended up a bit reluctant. If anything, if any of the aforementioned titles are your cup of tea, "Antique Bakery" may be the perfect title to start.

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