Koihime Musou

When Kanu was young, her family and their village fell victim to bandit attacks. Now 16 years old, Kanu's world must still succumb to a life a war and bandits. She sets on a journey to find a path that will change the world, and along the way, she becomes well known for hunting down bandits like the ones who killed her family.

In episode 1, Kanu meets and ends up adopting Rin-Rin, a young girl with a similar past. Together, along with several other companions, these warriors seek to change the world.

Watching "Koihime Musou" reminded me of other fantasy anime titles bordering the lines of "Slayers," "Rayearth," and "Fushigi Yugi." A whimsical blend of light-hearted action, comedy, and plenty of female characters, I think if you are already a fan of "Koihime" via the PC game and/or manga, you will probably enjoy and appreciate the anime. If not, "Koihime" may seem a bit predictable to say the least, and can be considered a "casual" title. I'm not itching the watch the next episode, but at the same time, I wouldn't necessarily look away if it was playing in the background.

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