Metal Gear Online

It seems that patience is the name of the game when it comes to "Metal Gear." After finally getting my MGO Premiere Beta code, getting through the 700+MB file download and installation, I was greeted with an emergency trip to Paris. As I flew over the Atlantic Ocean, new things were brewing and under extenuating circumstances, the actual gameplay date was changed from Monday to Friday. Upon setting foot in my room Sunday night, April 27th, I had 2 updates waiting to be downloaded and installed and a lengthy registration process just around the corner. With my jet lagged self and anticipation at an all time high, I finally was able to play the game come Monday morning, and as expected it was worth the wait.

Once players have their Konami and Game ID, character creation is next on the list. Choose from four different head types, adjust the pitch and sound of your voice, then choose the gear, under nine different categories, you want your character to sport. Next up is skills, then finally you are on your way.

Players can enter "Training Mode" to get a feel for controls and practice your stealth moves. Players can also choose to enter a map and blast respawning targets. Automatching is another nice feature and ensures that a veteran isn't playing against a novice. The two maps, Blood Bath and Groznyj Grad, offer a diverse environment for letting loose on the battlefield. While Blood Bath is a tightly contained area with underground hallways and paths, Groznyj Grad looks more like a miltary base set up that MGS3 fans would expect. And of course, Groznyj Grad is the home of the Man Cannons, which allow a soldier to be catapulted clear across a large area and onto unsuspecting enemies.

Though the game isn't without faults (like match types), it is impressive nonetheless. Konami should have plenty of feedback during this 2-week period to create a flawless gameplay experience.

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