GH + RB Compatible Guitars

When the hit sensations known as "Guitar Hero 3" and "Rock Band" hit the streets, an immediate lack of additional wireless guitars for 2-player action was apparent. Third-party guitars slowly surfaced but for the many gamers that own both GHIII and RB, a guitar solution on compatibility was no where to be seen. It was obvious that Red Octane and MTV didn't want to play nice. So gamers are left with 4 alternatives: wait patiently till a decently-priced and compatible guitar is released, utilize your expert mod skills and attempt to solve the problem yourself, end up buying more guitars than you really need (or even needed to spend), or sulk in the corner and play solo. Well this may be premature to state on my part, but relief may finally be coming.

Option #1: Nyko Frontman for the PS3 (Is compatible with GHIII and RB; is only 10 dollars cheaper than Red Octane's guitar; has a similar feel to GHIII guitar)

Option #2: The Ant Commandos Widow Maker for the PS2 and PS3 (is compatible with GH I, II, and III and RB; shipping late April, early May; also 10 dollars cheaper)

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