MGS4 Battle of the Artbox

Rumors, speculations, and clarifications are swirling around a game that isn't even available yet -- MGS4. We've already known this from the start, but this is going to be, or already is, the biggest release I have seen in ages. The latest discussion focus on what players will actually be getting on the big day, or what they won't.

The biggest U.S. news would have to be in regards to the MGS4 bundle. What was originally supposed to be a Japan-exclusive release, is no more. In addition to the MGS4 PS3 standard edition bundle, Konami will also be selling (an extremely limited amount) of MGS4 PS3 limited edition bundle, yes, equipped with the "Steel" colored PS3. Konami stresses that this will be very, very limited, and this comes to no surprise. And just another quick FYI, the US MGS4 Limited Edition has become a GameStop exclusive. I don't think this was the best move, but you can just imagine how glad I am that my MGS4 LE pre-order (via GameStop) was not compromised.

Fans have been mining the web, collaborating with others, and reassessing the entire MGS storyline for any and all information MGS4-related. This, of course, does not exclude cover art. We know by now that places like the U.S., Europe, Japan, and Australia, for example, tend to get varying game cover art, and this is no exception.

When I first saw images of the MGS4 US box release, I was a little displeased, especially with images from Japan to compare to. The Old Snake cover art is animated beautifully and captures the visual theme of the game, but seemed to be disjointed from the other MGS games.

And seeing the cool and crisp art work adorned on Europe's MGS4 box, didn't make it easier to stomach the US cover art.

But then a light came, and granted me a sigh of relief when I saw the wondrous MGS4 US box art for the Limited Edition release. The color palette, art sketch feel, gives a nice blend of old and new. A refreshing complement to the MGS Saga.

Which version do you like? No doubt, as I type, more MGS4 news and goodies are brewing right around the corner. So I'm sure we'll be here yet again. Kojima we love you!!!

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