MGO Premiere Beta/MG Saga Vol. 2 DVD

The word in Metal Gear world recently has been engrossed in the new "Metal Gear Online" Beta Premiere. Among the billions of MGS fans, some were lucky enough to score themselves those hard-to-find codes for the MGO premiere. After berating the Gamestop folks to find out if they are participating in the pre-program deal, I was doubtful in the hopes of grabbing my hands on the golden code. The email that I, and many others, received didn't elevate my hopes:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting GameSt op.com.

Unfortunately the manufacturer has not communicated any beta information
for this title to us yet. As soon as they do we will post this on our
site. Please note that all free bonus event codes are in limited supply
from the manufacturer an d we cannot guarantee that all customers will
receive this.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to respond to this

Best Regards,
Customer Service Agent

But I'm glad I was mistaken. A package I hadn't expected to arrive, made its debut appearance in my mailbox on Saturday. So as I type, I await patiently as the 741MB file downloads and installs.

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Gendo said...

So...have you already played mgs online ?