MPD-Psycho Vol. 4

After a little delay with some printing problems, DH makes good in delivering a high quality, uncut and uncensored manga (though 2 pages were less than perfect). The mayhem continues in "MPD-Psycho" Volume 4. The story takes a different approach, this time focusing on the one-eyed reporter Toguchi, as he embraces his dark side.

Feeling the weight of personal and professional rejection, and the horrors that haunt him, he resolves to pull of a violent "performance art show" in order to get the widespread attention he feels he deserves. Unfortunately, this involves killing a lot of people, transforming the happy-go-lucky guerrilla journalist into a modern monster.

Crazed Toguchi also makes some sensitive information public, enraging Zenitsu, another unbalanced villain with a knack for murder and a resistance to pain. Kazuhiko Amamiya arrives at the scene a little too late, but Amamiya-our favorite multiple personality detective-feels that there's some hope yet, and he risks his life to negotiate with Toguchi.

Otsuka does another spectacular and solid job. Entertaining, disturbing, and innovative, the mystery behind "Lucy" phenomenon continues to unravel giving Amamiya more clues and even more questions. The Otsuka and Tajima pair don't seem to be losing any steam, and their intricate attention to detail screams perfection on every frame. The horror continues in Volume 5 set to hit shelves this June.

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