This is a story about two sisters: Shizuru is a high school student who is able to see ghosts while her younger sister, Mizuki, is haunted by these apparitions. Frustrated by their abilities, their parents decided to entrust the sisters into the care of their grandparents who live in the countryside. As they adapt to life in the countryside, Shizuru and Mizuki begin to learn about the importance of coexisting nature with these apparitions.

"Mokke" is a nice and pleasant yet sad story that has probably stayed below radar as far a hype and popularity go. It's a solid series that definitely deserves more recognition, or at least more time in the spotlight. The animation and color palette is rather simple, but don't be dissuaded. This trait blends nicely with the lighthearted yet serious plot. While episode one starts out a bit slow, the series picks up and delivers.

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