Nabari no Ou

"Nabari no O" follows a young boy, Rokujou Miharu, who has a hijutsu (a hidden technique) living inside of him. Incidentally, many ninja clans are seeking this hijutsu for whosoever possesses it becomes the ruler of the ninja world. Though reluctant at first, Miharu joins a Nindou Club (Way of the Ninja) with fellow classmate Kouichi and teacher Kumohira, both secret ninjas. Waves of ninja attacks in order to obtain this hijutsu are sure to follow.

"Nabari no O" is not your deep, dark serious ninja series. Blending comedic elements, the series is more in the lines of "Naruto" (though only in minute respects) or at least a lot like "Jubei-Chan: The Ninja Girl." The variety of character personalities, thus far, are also by the book -- Miharu, the sullen student and hero, Kouichi, the cheerful classmate, Kumohira, the "smitten" teacher, and Raimei , the outspoken, determined, and in-your-face young girl. Background animation is especially noteworthy. The background is reminiscent of a picture book. It is quite beautiful, but I am still unsure if it is the appropriate approach for this specific title.

Though "Nabari no O" is a bit clichéd (why must the main character always seems to have the seat by the window in class??) and at some points feels a bit Yaoi, it does show some promise and is wittingly sarcastic. Two episodes in, it's hard to tell if this series will gain a large fanbase. [Revision: From the feedback I've been getting, I'm glad to see more people enjoying "Nabari no O." Though this series can't really be compared to "Naruto," only in so much as it's a ninja-based story, I am hoping more people will "broaden their horizons" and stray away from the latter. "Nabari no O" is worth your time.]


Anonymous said...

This doesn't remind me at all of Naruto...the style and focus is so different...reminds me more of Tactics quite frankly.

Anonymous said...

I really hate Naruto but I like Nabari no ou, they're totally different