Vampire Hunter D Manga Vol. 1

If you've ever indulged yourself in the saga of Hideyuki Kikuchi's "Vampire Hunter D," whether a little taste or an entire soak, then you know all too well the story of Doris Lang...first seen in the original novel, then adapted in anime, and now serving as volume 1 of the new manga series.

Adaptation, to no surprise, was done well and gives new readers a quick course into the world of D and provides a bit of nostalgia for old veterans. It may be redundant to provide a synopsis of the story, but since I'm here, why not? Doris Lang, a shall we say, voluptuous seventeen year old girl has been bit by Count Magnus Lee, the "resident nobility." With final doom waiting for Doris just around the corner, she seeks the aid of a vampire hunter. Enter D. I'll leave the rest for you to fill.

It should prove interesting the see how the rest of the manga series will go, especially how future adaptations of Kikuchi's stories not already published in another form other than the original novel will go. But we can only wait till volume 2 comes out in May 2008.

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