Akihabara Map ver1.10

An interactive map of Akihabara, eden for all otaku, has been created by the guys from Akihabara Channel, and in english no less! For anyone who knows a little about Akihabara, a map is essential for finding all the goodies the city has to offer. And most, if not all, are in japanese. AkibaCh's Akihabara Map ver1.10 lets you browse stores by categories. These categories include books, consumer games, PC games, visual/audio, hobby/figures, doujin, idol, cosplay, retro, trading cards, arcades, recreation, and transportation.

As the site warns, Akiba is constantly changing and growing, so you won't be able to find every single venue currently available. But nevertheless, this map is impressive. No doubt we will see its features continue to expand. Check out the map for yourself at http://akiba-ch.com/map.

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