Range Murata CDB Figure

If you know me at all, then you know my passion for Range Murata's work. Pictures of the newest RM figure first appeared back in October 2007. I have yet to find any concrete or new information regarding this figure based on the third cover of CDB, so if anyone has any knowledge (like how to get my hands on one), please share. I've heard rumors that this figure, coming out May 1, 2008, will not come prepainted :( and will retail at around 7000 yen. Maybe it was once available through AmiAmi or I am just missing it, but I can't locate it there. If you've seen the original artwork for this particular figure before, you can immediately tell the perfect rendering and detail that has been put in this product.

UPDATE 05/06/2008:
Distributors are now taking pre-orders!! Expect this baby on July 31st.

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