Gurren Lagann on Anime Network

The Anime Network, the cable on demand service available in the U.S., is bringing Gainax's "Gurren Lagann" via streaming video online. The best part is, it's in its original japanese language and english subtitles are provided!

"Gurren Lagann" takes place in a sort of apocalyptic future where humans have been forced to live underground in subterranean civilizations as "diggers," unable to gain contact with the surface. Two orphans named Simon and Kamina, with aims at breaking through the surface, make a startling discover when they do just that -- a world where beast-men attack humans using giant mecha called Gunmen. "Gurren Lagann" has a nice blend of action, drama, mecha, and comedy making it another big hit for Gainax.

Watch it at www.theanimenetwork.com/aod.

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